my story

My name is Lacey and I wear many hats - artist, designer, friend, daughter, writer, creator, oversharer, business owner, wife and most of all, mama to my main man Milo. 

Over the past decade my creative journey has taken all kinds of twists and turns - from being a hobbyist maker with full-time desk jobs, to full-time florist with a jewelry design side hustle, to its current iteration of all day every day mom, designer and writer, living the best version of myself I've ever known.

My jewelry design aesthetic is clean and minimalist, focusing on understated pieces for everyday wear as well as delicate ceremonial pieces for untraditional brides and grooms. I also have a special place in my heart for breathing new life into heirloom pieces - making grandma's engagement stones into pieces you can wear forever.

When I'm not at the jewelry bench I am probably hanging out with my baby boy and his dad, or writing about all of the surprises motherhood has brought with it so far (spoiler alert - I had no idea what I was getting myself into).

I design and create all of my pieces in my home studio as well as my jewelry home at Little Gold in Victoria, British Columbia.